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Your stay in Hotel Laxmi Niwas (Annex building) at Jaisalmer Fort has several advantages, you can have the view of the whole of the Golden city of Jaisalmer, from here especially at the Sun set.You may also have the glimpse of the historic fort which is more then 800 years old.

Is a store house of ancient art architecture and sculpture. This Giant Fort named after the bhati ruler Jaisal (A.D.1155-1183) is also known " Sonar Qila " or Golden Fort because fortress and the residential buildings are made of yellow sand stone.we need to pass four gate to get in fort.

The stone wall is about 5KM. in circuit, 2-3M in thickness, strengthened by 99 bastions and corner towers south is built a fort about 76M above the surrounding country. Snake like meandering wall is constructed without any mortar. The uppermost lining consistsof Kanguras,gun.

When you arrive Jaisalmer by train, bus, car, plain or any other transport please contact only auto riksha to drop you at the hotel in the fort, or contact by phone. please do not contact any jeep men or any other commission men they will make bed story about our hotel because we do not give any kind of commission. We approach directly to tourists.

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