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                                          :: Camel Safari ::

Safari in camp

This safari start in noon 3pm by jeep going to resort there you have camel tour for 1or 2 hour you going to duns see the sun set & come beak to camp. in camp you have folk music , folk dance,gala dinner. and after dinner come back to hotel.

safari with tent

This safari also start in noon 3pm by jeep. in this you have camel tour 1 or 2 hour,gala dinner, dance, music. but in night u sleep under a Swiss tent and next morning after breakfast come back by jeep to hotel.

Desert Wild safari

This safari start in morning 6:30am by jeep and go 20 km. far from city for camel and start from camel. par parson have a on camel and break 11am for lunch and take rest after the rest start 3 or 4pm and go to the dunes make dinner, camp fire and sleep on the dunes (no tent no room under a sky and star moon.) next morning start again after breakfast and break 11am for lunch and after lunch come back to hotel by jeep... In this trip tourist can see small village and villager culture.

                                        Also we have long Camel Safari (Jaisalmer to other city) and also around jaisalmer.

                                                                           :: Photo Gallery ::

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